Why the Growing Anger of the People?

Continually heard daily on the news, often more than one incident, of some act of anger, either by individuals or some group.

James Lyman BSAE, BSEE, MSSM



Why is it that people seem to be growing evermore angry as reflected in their public and private behavior? Things like road rage, or striking out at police, shouting matches between strangers on the street or even neighbors, the scowls on peoples faces . . . the senseless mass shootings. People’s happiness and contentment replace by some low grade grinding fear and anger that leaks out and sometimes explodes suddenly for no apparent reason. So why?

Well, it’s the constant ever growing control over people, made vastly more easy and effective by advance computer technologies. The technologies of Decisions Science, the technologies of mass marketing and mass media applied to the people.

It’s that burning desire of individuals to have peoples which they can control and use as they see fit. Behavior like is seen in a Jane Goodall documentary of monkeys constantly vying to gain a position of dominance over a subset of monkeys, monkeys which can be controlled and used by the dominate alpha monkey. No different what so ever! But people are not monkeys scampering about in bands with a dominate monkey to say what to do, when to do it and what to think. And being considered as little more than a primitive monkey to be used, abused then disposed of, is what goads the people into anger.

Trying to live in our modern high technology world is stressful and trying enough, but then to have the pulling and pushing forces of Decisions Science coupled with a government plagued with chronic non-performance unable to address the problems facing the average American really irritates many. At every turn in our world, we face controlling forces, from video security cameras to plundering the data in our smart phones. These are the things I’m going to write about and how they effect your daily lives.