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You can’t solve problems without first having an understanding.


This website provides you with essential information about the forces present pushing Americans out of the social-economic system. There isn’t any flash-bang internet gizmos, eye catching dazzling images and graphics as found on most websites, it’s just straight facts and knowledge that Americans, both young and old, need to be aware of, starting with articles I’ve written, which are viewable below.

Surveys show people don’t think the millennials and generation-Z will have the plentiful life enjoyed by their parents and grandparents. The major reason for their well founded fears is the obsolescence of people and their displacement by technology. Google the words Osborn Report pdf and you will find a report for a research project forecasting the future displacement by computers. Their results? Up to 47% of the jobs will disappear in the next twenty years because of technology displacement. Google these words- IBM, Watson and Jeopardy and you’ll find a revolution in AI (Artificial Intelligence) created by IBM which they named Watson, that went on the TV game show Jeopardy playing against the show’s two top winning champions . . . and beat the pants off both of them. Now ask yourself the question ‘could I even qualify to play on Jeopardy, and if not, then why couldn’t this machine do my job’.

Think that’s improbable? Well, right now 20 to 25% of your college graduates are unemployed or under employed, working at jobs once held by highschool dropouts. There are now 32% of American’s youth still living with their parents, unable to live on their own, unable to sustain themselves. If you don’t think technology displacement is a problem, then just watch the public school teachers and truck drivers. They’re both on the way out!

A technologically advance people will displace an inferior people.

That’s what is happening to your world today, and if you want to ever counter that, you must first know and understand the world you are living in.

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It’s About the Oil, Stupid!!

                Oil is to our society as water is to a desert.

                As long as there's plenty of water, the desert blooms

                     in a lush green benign environment.

                But when the water dries up, the desert becomes a

                     very harsh unforgiving place.                     Learn MORE

Present models suggest oil will continue to decline and by 2050, there may be as little as 20% of the present oil available.


Below is an online archive of articles I’ve written concerning the problems Millennials face today and the near future. You can either read them as web pages or down load pdf copies to save and read later. I continue adding to this list, so check back from time to time for any new articles.

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Chapter V. Basic Theory of War                                                  PDF Download        1,633 KB

    Excerpt from the book, "America's Slide into Domestic Terrorism"

A Glimpse into Bandera County's Government                         PDF Download            13 KB         Read More

How to Make Obsolete People                                                      PDF Download          145 KB

In Ten Years . . . All the Teachers will be Gone                           PDF Download           33 KB

1    ATS- The Next Coming Computer-Internet Revolution

Why Manufacturing Left America                                                PDF Download           57 KB

2    The Real Reason for the Demise of Manufacturing in America

The Intersection of Jobs - No Jobs                                                PDF Download           60 KB

3    Since the start of the new century, technology no longer creates new jobs

The Dinosaurs Demise and Our Economy                                    PDF Download         152 KB

4    Does the Disparity in the Job Market Foretell Economy Demise?

Drivers of the Future Economy                                                     PDF Download           68 KB

5    The Three Ignored Forces Shaping Business and Our World

Millenniums and Sunshine                                                               PDF Download           88 KB

6    Millenniums Struggle to Find a Place in the Sun in Today's Economy

$15 Minimum Wage . . . YES!!!                                                     PDF Download          514 KB

7    Why an Engineer supports a $15 Minimum Wage and why Millenniums should worry!

Book Report for Millenniums                                                         PDF Download       1,067 KB

8    Gordon's "The Rise and Fall of American Growth"- Why millenniums can expect no future!

A Second "Dances with Wolves" Movie?                                    PDF Download         983 KB

9    Will the plight of the Millenniums result in their own Dances with Wolves movie after the fact?

Siren song of "Mommy will take care of you."                            PDF Download         178 KB

10   Another resurrection of socialism to answer the impact of technology displacement on

       today's economy and the millenniums

Tiny House - Tiny Future                                                                 PDF Download         393 KB

11    A popular televison show foretells the future for America's youth

Economics - Politics                                                                         PDF Download         105 KB

12   Economics and Politics are like two sides of a coin - inseparable

Social Mitosis                                                                                     PDF Download          59 KB

13   What we really see watching the political ordeal of these last two years.

What I'm Telling the Kiddies                                                           PDF Download          33 KB

14   Advice for the Youth of America in a New World and Economy

Trump's Box Trap                                                                             PDF Download         103 KB

15   Has President Donald Trump boxed himself in with returning manufacturing jobs to America?

Give Us a New Federal Tax! Please!                                              PDF Download         146 KB

16   Data is the newest and most proliferate American business, whose growing wealth remains

      free of taxation

Three Strikes!!!                                                                                  PDF Download          227 KB

17   The three methods of technology displacement which is striking the youth of America out

       of the social-economic system.

eBay and Delta Air Lines                                                                 PDF Download          103 KB

18   How companies like eBay ane Delta Airlines are defining the new and different world which

       the youth of America are living in.

Violating the P to the Sixth Law                                                     PDF Download          108 KB

19   There is an axiom in engineering called the P to the sixth law that our government

       continually violates to all of our detriment.

Drain the Swamp?                                                                             PDF Download          514 KB

20   Why Trump is failing to give the millenniums what they most want and need . . . a

       functioning government.

Obama's Failure and Misunderstanding                                        PDF Download          100 KB

21   The Promised Fundamental Changing of America had Already Come

Health Insurance Gorilla                                                                  PDF Download           131 KB

22   The one ton gorilla in the house, that no one talks about in the debates about health insurance

Future of Hyper Consumerism                                                        PDF Download           827 KB

23   The real value to society for the youth of America is as consumers, but what becomes of

       them if hyper-consumerism declines.

The Fallacy of Global Warming                                                      PDF Download           206 KB

24   The fallacy that all the worlds problems are political problems, that all our problems can be

       solved by political activism.

Yo-yo's of Life                                                                                   PDF Download            226 KB

25   The threads of technology displacement in my latest novel and how the problems of the

       millenniums are rooted decades in the past.

Tensegrity Structures                                                                       PDF Download            393 KB

26   A simple stick and thread model of a structure formed solely by tensions shows

       millennials what they must have.

Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency!                                                           PDF Download         1,988 KB

27    The profusion of cryptocurrencies will change the monetary-banking system and hence the

       economies of the Millennials.

The Real Truth about Gun Control!                                               PDF Download           182 KB

28   Millennials and Z-Generation- What you hear is what you're getting!

The Changing World for Millennials                                               PDF Download           100 KB

29   The new axiom of modern America business is NTEs (Non Thinking Entities) lead to

       UDSs (Useless Dumb S_ _ts).

Our Real Problem from Oil                                                              PDF Download           117 KB

30   The real stumbling block to the Millennials and Z-Generation having any future, is the oil

       and its availability

Those Monthly Job Numbers                                                           PDF Download             56 KB

31   Once a month, American Millennials and Z-Generation are treated to news of the number of

       new jobs created - so how good is this news?

The Fallacy of Women's Liberation                                               PDF Download            201 KB

32   Popular history speaks of political activism having liberated women, when actually it was

       technology that made them obsolete as women.

Millennials and China's Drive for Oil                                              PDF Download           413 KB

33   Everything China does today is to ensure she has sufficient oil for a high technology society

       but this will also define the future of Millennials

The Jobs for the Young - Going, Going - Gone!                           PDF Download           186 KB

34   The obsolete people problem and good jobs vanishing in America is coming to a

       head . . . and will hit millennials squarely in the face!

The Monopoly Game for Millennials                                              PDF Download           111 KB

35   The Democratic and Republican parties are both playing their own special game of monopoly

       leaving Millennials with the worst deal since the Indians sold Manhattan for only $24!

Recession Worries?                                                                           PDF Download           140 KB

36   Some analyst are claiming the good economic indicators we are seeing today are really

       portents of a recession.

The Problems Millennials are Facing                                             PDF Download           182 KB

37   A list of the problems the Millennials and Z-Generation are now facing in their future.

ATS! The Great Money Making Machine                                     PDF Download           297 KB

38   First company who launches ATS will have a license to print money!

Failings of the Fourth Estate!                                                         PDF Download           297 KB

39   Sandra Santos and the San Antonio Express News reveals why America's News Media

       declines to report about obsolete people.

Watching Automation Unfold at HEB                                          PDF Download           297 KB

40   If you would like to watch displacement by a new technology coming into your life,

        just watch at your local supermarket.

Limit Technology Displacement- It's Been Tried!                       PDF Download           437 KB

41   People's first reaction to obsolescent and technology displacement is to limit those

       technologies and save the jobs. But it's already been tried!.

Aliens - Millennials' Other Trial                                                      PDF Download           491 KB

42   An Alien is one who so fails to advance technologically that they become an alien

        in their own home land.

The Car - End of the American Dream?                                       PDF Download           157 KB

43   Some claim the personal ownership of automobiles is coming to an end, so will

       Generation-Z forego the romance of their fathers?.

Who is Saving the Future for our Youth?                                     PDF Download           677 KB

44   What is Congress and the Senate doing so the Millenniums and Generation-Z

       will have a future in America? Nothing!

Trouble Waters - The Osborne Report                                          PDF Download           222 KB

45   A recent research project finds that jobs for many Millennials and Generation-Z

       will disappear in 20 years

The Linear - Singularity Paradox                                                   PDF Download           905 KB

46   The gun control debate again shows the mediocre problem solving and analytical

       skills that is shaping the Millenniums/Generation-Z's future.

The High Cost for Millennials / Generation-Z!                             PDF Download             94 KB

47   A major problem facing the millennials and generation-Z is the increasing

       difficulties and cost of keeping them in a modern high technology society.

The Linear - Singularity Paradox Explained                                 PDF Download           105 KB

48   To understand the 'thinking' we witnessed in our political process on the

       news, the concept of Linear-Singularity must be understood.

IBM - Watson - Jeopardy!                                                                PDF Download           947 KB

49   Go Google these three words- IBM, Watson and Jeopardy and you'll find a

       revolution in artificial intelligence which is completely changing the future for

       Millennials and Generation-Z.

The Coming of the Robot News Reporters                                    PDF Download           401 KB

50   Over the years, the news media, both print and electronic, have lost large numbers

       of jobs to technology, and yet they face another round of job loses to machines.

Obsolete- You and Everyone Else                                                   PDF Download             71 KB

51   It's no longer the hourly factory worker, it's now the six figure income people and

       everyone else who's now at risk.

The Golden Rule of Automation                                                      PDF Download            390 KB

52   People go about their daily lives never seeing technologies growing to eventually

       displace them, even when it's right in front of their noses.

Parallels of Joe McCarthy and Today's Political Climate and McCarthyism

                                                                                                               PDF Download              55 KB

53   PBS recently aired an interesting two hour documentary on the political career of

       Senator Joe McCarthy, which has lessons for us today.

OIL! Our Days of Solace Coming to an End?                                PDF Download             103 KB

54   Again, oil will profoundly change the world we live in, and in ways we can never

       dreamed of . . . but this time it's because there isn't enough, with the Millennials

       and Generation-Z being affected the most.

Pick and Choosing Technologies                                                      PDF Download               70 KB

55   People would like to pick and chose technologies they consider good, while rejecting

       those they consider bad, but it's not that easy.

Where the Boys Are - or Were!                                                         PDF Download               86 KB

56   As the millennials and Geneation-Z are displaced by machines and technology, where do they go?

The New Electric Cars and Automotive Repairing by Future Auto Mechanics

                                                                                                                PDF Download              194 KB

57   Another opportunity to watch a career field being unintentionally reduced by a new

       technological advance.

Coronavirus - Recession: Jobs Lost to Machines!                         PDF Download               130 KB

58   A recession will bring another round of technology displacement with job loses for

       Millennials and Generation-Z.

HEB and the Great Race in the Grocery Stores                             PDF Download               190 KB

59   There is now a great ongoing race between the supermarkets, a race of technologies

       to see who will fully automate . . . and who will eventually go out of business.

The Future for Millennials and Generation-Z                                  PDF Download                 69 KB

60   Right now, and for the next few years, the economic future for the Millennials and

       Generation-Z is being determined.

Three 'Boat Anchors' Pulling You Down                                         PDF Download                 98 KB

61   There are three economic forces which are now pulling down the economic future

       for millennials and generation-Z.

The Crocodile Phenomena!                                                                PDF Download                 93 KB

62   How people perceive the crocodile of a totalitarian state not as really being a

       crocodile simply because it's sleeping quietly.

The Major Factor in Black Lives Matter!                                        PDF Download                164 KB

63   As so often the case with social problems, the obsolescence of people is ignored

       which makes finding any real solutions impossible.

The Curse of the Krel is Among Us                                                    PDF Download                637 KB

64   The ever popular and growing social media, that seems just a harmless recreation,

       has a growing dark side to it reminiscent of science fiction.

The Young are getting the Worst Deal Ever!                                   PDF Download                395 KB

65   The ever shrinking economic opportunities for the millennials and generation-Z are

       leaving them with the worst deal ever.

Black Lives Matter and Social Mitosis                                              PDF Download                261 KB

66   The recent civil unrest for the last two months in several cities, vividly shows the

       process of social mitosis at work.

The Real Truth of the Capital Riot!                                                    PDF Download                 64 KB

67    Corollary of War- A technologically advance people will displace a lesser people.

       Which is what is actually happening now.

The Dangers of Growing National Debts!                                          PDF Download             1,323 KB

68   America isn't the only one racking up huge national debts to prop up their

       economies . . . and there's the danger!

Why the Growing Anger of the People?                                             PDF Download               120 KB

69    Continually heard daily on the news, often more than one incident, of.

       some act of anger, either by individuals or some group.

The Real Reason for the Demise of Manufacturing in America      PDF Download                70 KB

70   With the recession of the early 1970's came the famous rust belt as

       American manufacturing fled our nation for foreign lands.

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