In a Nut Shell

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Here’s a very short condensed version of the oil problem story-

1) All modern nations must have ample supplies of oil to survive.

2) For the bulk of Americans, their real value to society is as consumers.

3) Our present hyper consumerism economy rest very firmly on a foundation of cheap and plentiful oil.

(The more specialize a design, the more brittle it is)

4) If America is unable to get oil, for whatever the reason, the real value and worth for many Americans will come to an abrupt end.

(To far behind in an advance technological society to make substantive contributions)


5) With no hope to ever regain their place in society, many will become militant.

So- you can expect thousands of ‘Timothy McVeighs’ to be coming out of the wood work!

Don’t understand? Well . . . now go and read the material below, (don’t just scan through it), because you can’t work a problem until you fully understand it.

Can it really happen | Hubbert’s peak explained | Our oil supply - Check mate | Perfect storm | You without Petrochemicals | Links

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