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America’s Slide into Domestic Terrorism

This monogram covers these three basic forces that are pushing so many young Americans out of the social economic system: 1) the high cost for keeping each individual in a high technology society; 2) the alienation of people who fail to advance technologically and 3) the displacement of people (their jobs) by technology. To better understand the interaction of these forces toward war, the reader is introduced to the basic theory of war. Finally, the environment in which these three forces are coming together is explored with respect to domestic terrorism and insurrection movements.

This volume explains the particulars of why we face a serious threat of domestic terrorism, More importantly, the reader gains an understanding, of the the mechanics and dynamics of domestic insurrection and terrorism.        Read More:

A Brief Overview of Modern Insurrection and Revolutionary Methodology

The methods and techniques of modern insurrection were developed almost a hundred years ago by Michael Collins and the Irish rebellion from1919 to 1921. By carefully analyzing the past failed Irish rebellions, Michael Collins determined what was wrong, then developed the means and methods to rebel, and finally executed the worlds first successful modern insurrection. Topics covered include the three phases of an insurrection, importance of intelligence and counter intelligence operations, financing the revolution, supplying the revolution, IRA organization, military operations and need of a provisional government. The need for a viable political philosophy is discussed, then the how the use of computer technology in a modern insurgency is explored.        Read More:

Procedures and Methods of Internal Security in Domestic Insurrection Organizations

Historically, the success of an insurrection movement is determined by how long it takes before law enforcement attempts to penetrate its organization. In the startup phase (interdiction), staying under the radar for as long as possible is very important, thereby allowing internal security organs of the organization to be established and trained, to offer reasonable protection against agents. Consequently, a major consideration in the startup of an insurrection is the methods of internal security and how to minimize the effects from penetration by agents during this vulnerable time. The structure of an organization is designed to maximize internal security, and so must be structured to minimize penetration by any agents, but when penetrated, to detect those agents as soon as possible to minimize damage. With future domestic insurrection groups, law enforcement can expect a substantially higher quality of personnel, in terms of both intellectual skills and technology capabilities, compared with previous movements from both the right and left.        Read More:

The Basics of Command Arm and Command Detonate Mine Systems

This technology monogram for law enforcement is written specifically for police bomb technicians and SWAT team members, to give individual officers a firm understanding of the specifics of this technology. Although an old technology dating back before the American Civil War, it is a technology easy to implement and likely to be used with increasing frequency by illicit drug organizations and terrorist groups. Written for those with little knowledge of electricity, this monogram gives members of law enforcement a detail understanding of how these technology works and what is required to construct such systems. Using detail explanations ensures not only an understanding of the technology, but also a better understanding of how these systems are used tactically and the people who typically can design and build such systems.         Read More:

Methods of Covert Manufacture of Small Arms for Domestic Insurrection Operations

Topics include an overview of the design example used to explain machine tool technology, including mechanical drawings of the parts used for the examples, the basics of documentation for manufacturing, measurement devices for machine tools, the engine lathe, the vertical milling/drilling machine, and then introductions to welding, plastic casting and foundry. This volume will give members of law enforcement a sound basic understanding of machine tool technology, both the hardware and the people who are able to use these tools. Such an understanding allows law enforcement to be aware of such capabilities and more likely to detect signs of covert manufacturing, and subsequently uncovering of such operations.        Read More:

Emerging Advance Weapons Technology of Terrorist by Utilizing Electronic Technology

Readily available electronic technology, in particular microprocessors, will give terrorists very sophisticated and devastatingly effective weapons, yet are low-cost while easy to build and use. For the last century, weapons for terrorists have changed little from bomb devices using black powder with a crude timer such as a candle. However, the prevalence of microprocessor technology, both in hardware devices and the skills to use this technology, represents a pending revolution in the weapons emerging for use by terrorist. This technology will allow terrorist groups, both domestic and international, to have weapons that are easy to use, while easy to covertly manufacture, but capable of inflicting damages in excess of millions of dollars, yet costing just hundreds of dollars. This disparage represents a real force multiplier which can give terrorist organizations the real power to cripple nations. This technology can give weapons ranging from drop deployable anti-personnel mines, to GPS based suicide bombers, to cruise missiles capable of accurately striking targets hundreds of miles away. The wide range, low-cost microprocessor technology available to everyone today will allow terrorist to have truly smart weapons.

Additionally, microprocessor-based product designs typically have a very fast development and evolution time, where a design can quickly change and adapt to a new environment. This is the power of software-based machines in which the machine is actually the software inside the computer that can quickly and easily be changed or added to, thereby making a new machine with new features and abilities. This ability to quickly change and adapt applies equally to terrorist weapons utilizing microprocessor-based technology in their designs. With this ability to quickly design, develop and modify their weapons, terrorists may be able to conduct their own “blitzkrieg” war against established governments where they are able to change and adapt faster than law enforcement can. This would leave law enforcement always behind the power curve just trying to catchup and therefore making little progress in defeating the terrorist. Like German blitzkrieg in 1940, terrorists could be an over whelming power to try and defeat.        Read More:

Pie Eye:The Interrogation of Laura Pettigrew (Pen name R.K.O Temoshenko)

A fictional novel showing what a concerted insurrection would look like . . . showing the kinds of things that you could expect to happen. Insurrections, and counter-insurrections for that matter, are largely intelligence wars, where the primary objective is to gather intelligence from the opposition. One major source of intelligence is from prisoners, and for the revolutionaries, that means seeking out had harvesting law enforcement assets for long term interrogations. And this is where the savagery of insurrections is spawn and unknowingly cultivated. This fictional novel is as technically accurate as possible to show what that process would be like.


“A butcher processes animals into edible meat. We process prisoners into usable information!”

And so began the interrogation of federal Judge Laura Pettigrew presiding over the trial Peter Cunningham who’s writings brought together the young obsolete people and sparked an insurrection in modern American. The problem of a growing segment of society, of young people as typified by the Occupy Wall Streeters, who have been displaced and made obsolete by technology. Worst, many of them have amassed large debts for education and now find they have no hopes for the future, simply because they’ve prepared themselves for the past instead of the twenty-first century. And the true profile of a revolutionist is young, under thirty, and having a sense of nothing to lose, and so insurrection has erupted in America.        Read More: